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What Do We Do?

We are selling and importing wide range of electronic products such as Laptops, and PC (including Gaming), Playtsations, Xbox, TV, Mobıile Technology like phones, tablets, and headphones and many more which you can find on our web site. We also give technical support for most of the products line that we sell. To end users and business customers.

Our Mission

We respect to our customers every cent that they spend, in order our customers to enjoy from the products that they purchased from us, we only sell original products. We also do analysis of price and performance among brands and their products, with this in mind, we take upon us technology counsel job. To sum up, our mission is based on win win strategy, in other words, we guide our customers to the what exactly they need for their budget.

History Of Us is the official online sales website of Durmaz Computer, which was founded in 2009. Since its establishment, it has been an active player in the Computer and Electronics market, and it imports many product groups that it has sold in order to offer its customers the best quality at the most affordable price. Our website, which is the product of a 2-year research and development process that provides a world-class shopping opportunity to the people of Cyprus in order to serve their needs more effectively, which started in 2020.